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Christmas Party at the White House!

At the White House, under the portrait of George Washington and standing right next to our First Lady, Michelle Obama, it’s Judy Fardig, volunteer extraordinaire and chapter leader of Organizing for America. She’s wearing the dress I made just for this occasion. Next to Michelle is Mary Sorteberg, wife of Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkely. At […]
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Kimono Silk Scarf

Hey! Who is that handsome guy? It’s the amazing Valerium! The oh so cool guy who cuts my hair. Wearing his brand new Ann Williamson kimono silk scarf. I’ll be bringing my scarves to the ACC Baltimore Craft Show, this February 20 -22. Except not this one, it’s taken. I can’t wait!
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Kimono Silk Scarves

I’ve been saving some of my very best scarves for my on-line web shop. Each scarf is pieced from my gorgeous kimono silks: hand painted, stenciled, shibori [that’s the amazing Japanese tie-dye], all different colors, textures and weaves. To get there, click here or go to my website and click on ‘Shop‘. Purple Ume Ocean […]
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New for ACC San Francisco ’14

Sewn, photographed and now ready for the American Craft Council show in San Francisco. Coming soon! August 8-10. A new coat, pieced from, what else?. Beautiful Japanese Kimono silks. The back. Fragments III, a pieced skirt with a matching jacket, in full swing. And a straight skirt, pieced, with a matching top. Ashley in ‘Sequoia’. […]
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Web Site Update!

We just finished updating my web site. New and improved! With new photos. And a new page for pieced kimono silk scarves. And, so very new, a page for shopping, where you can buy my work. My foray into the world of e-commerce. I’ll start with scarves. So Exciting! Check it out!
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Scarf Photos

This weekend I’ve been photographing my scarves. There are quite a few, so it took a while. I set up my room and borrowed a good camera. I have Dan Kvitka’s beautiful, professional pictures, but now I need shots of individual and available scarves. This is my routine: first, choose a scarf, place it just so, […]
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Pieced Kimono Silk Scarves

Ready for their close up! 6 black and white kimono silk scarves. I’m gearing up and getting ready to add a scarf page to my web site. Step one: Beautiful, professional photographs. Check. Step two: Work out the layout, I’m on it! Step three: Get the web guy going. Not quite yet, I’m not finished […]
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Better than a Tie

Spotted at a Mardi Gras party last week. Who is that a masked man wearing one of my scarves? So cool!
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New Scarves for the Smithsonian Craft Show

I’m gearing up for the Smithsonian Craft Show, and many new jackets are in the pipeline. New jackets breed scraps, scraps that cannot possibly be thrown away! Too beautiful. They become scarves. Small leftovers from previous projects find their way into the scarves. I save the tiniest of pieces. Japanese kimono silks, woven, stenciled, painted, […]
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