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All lined up and ready to go. New jackets, coats, vests, blouses, skirts, they’re piling up! I can hear them, ‘Finish us already!’
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Appliqué for a New Vest

New work! Onto what will be a peplum of a vest, I spent last week first cutting and then appliquéing little circles of kimono silk and organza. The base is a dark, almost black, navy Japanese tsumugi [a tightly woven, slightly rough kimono silk]. Each circle is held in place with a bead. The rough […]
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Never In, Never Out

I started with clothing, sewing for myself and later, for extra money, making clothes for a local boutique. I was in art school and my ‘serious’ work was Art, things to hang on the wall. Clothes were something else, not my career. Then my friend Christina said, let’s trade! I’ll weave you a rug, you […]
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New Jacket on My Board

In process, a new jacket! I’ve had a very fun few days pinning all the bias tubes in place. Next up, baste. Then, hand stitch everything down. Can’t wait!
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Ready for 2017 ACC Baltimore

Just around the corner! It’s the American Craft Council’s annual show in Baltimore. I’ve been at my sewing machine, head down, kimono silk flying, scissors snipping, pins and needles everywhere and finally, in the end, a new group of jackets and coats. Like this one below, cut and reassembled to emphasize the gorgeous red and […]
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New for ACC Baltimore 2017

My studio is buzzing! Lots going on as I prepare for the American Craft Council’s annual show in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland. Each week I focus on a different style and shape. Two weeks ago, it was unlined jackets and trench coats. In the last several days, it’s been jackets. Pieced, appliquéd or beaded, all made […]
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Some Good Stuff

Ava, my neighbor’s serious little dog, came to visit for an afternoon. She knows but isn’t saying. A giant box of beautiful kimono silks arrived. Gorgeous stuff! I can’t wait to get into these. My big project! Here, in mid process, it’s all but complete now. For the White House Christmas party [Yes!]. Too much […]
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In the Middle

It’s where I am right now. I’m past the beginning, but far from the end. I’m right in the middle. This is how it works for me. My project is chosen, I know what the end will be. I think about it, decide on the direction and then figure out how to get there. Finally, […]
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Pine and Dots

A few jackets that were photographed but didn’t make it to the blog. Now they’ve moved on to new homes, so it’s one last look. A jacket sewn from a gorgeous kimono silk. Covered with an oh so cool pine needle and branch design, accented with little red dots. I appliqued skinny bias strips to […]
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Kimono Coat for Craft2Wear

A new coat design, loose and oversized. Except it hangs close to the body, so with arms down, it has a narrow silhouette. It’s deceptively full. Room for dancing! This close up shows my appliquéd strips on the most amazing kimono silk. Grace looking fabulous in this sideways view. I’m gearing up for the Smithsonian […]
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