Workshop in Winter Park

I left Portland, where it was the end of winter, a few buds here and there and hints of spring.
And landed in Florida, with 90 degree days, a warm sun shinning and orchids thriving on the back patio.
Louise Cutting had arranged 2 [!] retreats, each with fabulous groups of eager sewers.
We set up, machines in a row.
I described techniques and showed examples.
My goal, give enough ideas so that no matter the skill level or taste, whether they’re the jump and hope to land or a careful planner, each student would find the technique that was right for them.
After a minute or two, projects began.
Fabric in piles, a good sign things were happening.
Machines were humming,
Shapes and designs emerged.
I love the ‘Aha!’ moments. When people understand and begin to see results.
It’s the pride of making. I relate! It’s why I do it too.
Some sewed stripes,
some random ‘crazy’ piecing.
I had put together color choices, each student chose their favorite: black and white, or neutral, or blues, or bright reds and orange.
The best part of teaching? When each person’s individual identity emerges.
Just black and white wasn’t always enough, “I need red here. Can I get some red?”
These people were after my heart.
And at the end of each class, beautiful things emerged.
I can not wait to see the finished projects!
Goodbye, for now, to beautiful Winter Park, Louise, Sandy, each and every student who came and jumped in and experimented, those beautiful orchids, sunny skies and these adorable kitties, in a bowl,
And in a basket.
Thank You Louise for making a most wonderful retreat!
I loved every minute!

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  1. Posted April 16, 2017 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

    Ann, I’d love to attend one of your retreats. Any chance you could let me know when a next one could be happening. It’s obviously a trip to somewhere for me here in Nova Scotia! But I’m certainly willing to travel.

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