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New Trench

You know how much I love the classic Japanese designs, yes? If I find a traditional old kimono that’s ready to be repurposed, I’ll take it apart and rearrange the pieces to make something new. I lay them out until I see the designs fitting together in new ways. There was the original way, which […]
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Company for the MLK Weekend

It’s not just work, sew, work, sew around here. Sometimes company comes. And what better time than a 3 day weekend? And what better company than those with adorable children? And cute dogs? Fashionistas with cool yellow watches? Who find time to think about a new trench coat? Like this one, only with a different […]
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A Last Look

One last look at some of the coats and jackets that I brought to the ACC Baltimore Craft Show. Gone but not forgotten. A long coat, the last time you saw this it was in pieces on my floor. Finished! And moved onto a new life. No, it’s not out of focus, it’s meisen, the […]
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Trench coats for ACE

It’s trench coat week and I’ve been sewing like mad, getting ready for the American Craft Expo show in August. These two still have a ways to go. Parts are pinned and waiting to be sewn, the edges are unfinished, they still need their buttons and belts. It’s always a treat to work with these beautiful […]
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OPB Art Beat season opener

That’s Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Art Beat host Katrina Sarson and cameraman Tom Shrider giving the thumbs up at the end of the season’s first show. Katrina looked fantastic in my red trench with the bold flowers, perfect for the show’s opener. There are more behind the scenes photos at the Art Beat blog. And watch the show […]
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ACC Craft show in San Francisco

I’m home from my trip to San Francisco, one of my favorite cities! I always love coming to the SF ACC show. Kathryn and her husband Howard came by to see what was new. She tried on lots of jackets and coats and looked so cute I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. […]
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Meisen Trench Coat

Trench coats, wear them belted to highlight your lovely womanly shape or leave them open, like a film noir detective. That’s what makes them great, they are adaptable. This trench is a one of a kind, I only have the tiniest scraps of fabric left. It’s an amazing kimono silk, an ikat technique that the […]
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Ikat Trench Coat

An amazing Japanese ikat silk [that means they dyed the design before they wove the fabric. Really! Here’s a link, in Japanese, to show how they do it]. I’ve sewn it up into a little trench coat. You can also wear it without the belt.
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It’s coming, I know it! The blossoms on the fabric of this trench coat are a reminder of the amazing burst of color that is just around the corner. Soon, very soon, the cherry trees will begin their annual performance.  I can’t wait!
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ACC Baltimore

Kimono silk trench coats lined up and ready for their hems and buttons. I am working non stop to get ready for The American Craft Council Show in Baltimore, one of the best and biggest craft shows in the country. It’s only a few weeks away; February 25 – 28!
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