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All lined up and ready to go. New jackets, coats, vests, blouses, skirts, they’re piling up! I can hear them, ‘Finish us already!’
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New Series

Does this happen to you? You have a project due, and [grumble, grumble] you are absolutely not in the mood. But, there are no objections allowed. There is work to be done. So you focus, begin and before you know it, to your surprise, you find yourself lost in that beautiful place. It’s you and your […]
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New Each Time

It all started with this one. A jacket using the very last of a beautiful speckled kimono silk, creamy white with little sparkling spots woven in. I pieced it with other white silks into the jacket below. A customer liked it and asked for the same in a different size. She understood, that because I’d […]
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One Kimono, Two Jackets

One kimono usually has enough fabric for two jackets, especially if I use a different fabric for sleeves. I take apart the kimono, wash the pieces and then the fun part, follow where the fabric takes me. This beautiful old kimono had flowers and leaves sprinkled around, looking perfect together. But as I spent time […]
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New for ACC SF 2017

Next weekend, August 4-6, I’ll be in San Francisco for the American Craft Show. With a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, at the very cool Fort Mason, I’ll be right up front in booth #103, with all my new jackets, skirts and blouses. Like this one from a beautiful old kimono, disassembled and rearranged […]
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Silver Swing

In process, a new color way for my swing coat! Silver grey gradating to an almost black. From my stash, these fabrics had been sitting for years on my shelf, waiting for their time. Woven stripes, checks and plaids in the pieced strips. I’m loving the patterns and textures!
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Next Generation

Every new jacket I make has its genesis from a previous design. One idea will spawn another. Or,  a new fabric inspires a new direction. Or a customer asks for a change that in turn sends me off into new ideas and new possibilities. Sometimes the connection is obscure, it makes sense to me, but […]
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Piecing Meisen

All last week I was piecing meisen…… ‘Piecing Meisen’, doesn’t it sounds like the title of a novel? Anyway, My week. I spent it cutting up the beautiful Japanese ikat fabric, meisen. You remember meisen, you weave it, print the design, unweave and reweave. Yep, reweave. For that soft edge on all the shapes. So […]
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Black on Black Swing

A quick snapshot before it was boxed and shipped to its new home. A coat from all black silks, pieced into strips sewn together with a beautiful black wool. I had started this a few weeks back and promised a picture of the finished coat. Thank you Jackie for coming up with a great idea. […]
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Black on Black

I have a system in place for my pieced swing coats and choose the colors carefully. So when people ask if I can make one in a different color way, I almost always have to decline. However, this one intrigued me, black on black. Nothing but texture to differentiate the various fabrics. Below, the coat […]
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