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Beading for a Mother of a Bride

I’m working on a pretty Mother of the Bride jacket, sewing little glass beads onto a gorgeous kimono silk. It has a traditional garden design with Japanese houses and buildings tucked in, under and between flowering trees. The beads add a sparkling, 3 dimensional edge. Beading is a long process, but welcome. I find it […]
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Dresses for Weddings

The bride is the most important person at a wedding [well, and the groom too!], but the rest of us, the family, the friends, we are all part of it too. What better way to help celebrate than by wearing something special? So I’m adding ‘Dresses for Weddings and Special Occasions’ to my collection. Donilee, Julene […]
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Photo Shoot, Dresses for a Wedding

Last Sunday I gathered together 9 beautiful models, 2 fantastic stylists, one expert assistant and one awesome photographer. We met at the perfect spot, Holocene, Portland’s number one night club and party venue and pretended that we were at the best wedding ever. First step, make everyone even more beautiful than they already are. Lisa […]
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Photo idea

I have this idea for a photograph. It involves lots of people and lots of dresses. We’re gearing up, I have the place, the models [including a few good men], the stylist, the date,.. but not quite yet, not exactly, all of the dresses. I’m still working on those. A collar pinned and ready to […]
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Against the grain

Stay ‘on grain’! If you don’t, the fabric may sag or pull. And the ‘nap’, watch out for the nap! The short fibers on the surface of a piece of fabric is the ‘nap’ and depending on which direction it is lying, it will reflect light differently. I needed a skirt to go with a […]
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Silver, grey, platinum, nickel, ash, oyster, slate. I’m working on a dress and it’s all of these colors, or three, or only one. It all depends on what the light is doing at any particular moment of the day. So pretty.
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A new top, the same, but different

This last week I’ve been working on a new top for Janita. She liked this one, but asked for a few changes; more flair at the hemline, more length and a different neckline. So, first thing, make all those strips. Cut, sew, turn, pin and iron flat. Step 2, pin the strips onto what will […]
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Beads and pine needles for a mother of the groom

And it’s off! To the wedding in Minneapolis. The sheer jacket with the pine needle design I was beading a week or so ago, over a soft, supple, drapey  [this is not actually a word, but you get the idea], beautiful kimono silk top  and skirt.   All those little beads, the colors of a night […]
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Beaded jacket in process

I’ve been bent over my sewing table this last week sewing a multitude of beads along the edges of a mother of the groom jacket. We decided on a sheer kimono silk with a pine needle design. My universe has shrunk to the size of the beads and the spaces between.   I love the […]
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Pretty mother of the groom

For her son’s beautiful wedding in France, I made Mary Jane this coral pink suit and beaded top. [I love saying that,.. “wedding in France”,…..] Dayna Pinkham designed the hat.   I added little silver beads along the front band of the jacket,…   and more silver beads for the top, a kimono silk with a chrysanthemum design. […]
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