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Cranes for the New Year

A jacket pieced from beautiful kimono silks, highlighted with cranes silhouetted against gold clouds. Symbols of good luck and eternal youth, cranes are the perfect theme for the beginning of 2017. Can you see them? Even closer for a better look. Beads along the seam lines between the pieced sections. I’m sending wishes of good […]
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Pine and Dots

A few jackets that were photographed but didn’t make it to the blog. Now they’ve moved on to new homes, so it’s one last look. A jacket sewn from a gorgeous kimono silk. Covered with an oh so cool pine needle and branch design, accented with little red dots. I appliqued skinny bias strips to […]
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Here and Gone

I had just finished this skirt and top in time to bring it to my photo session. Which was just before my trip to the San Francisco show. Where it found its way to a new home. I love it when that happens! Beautiful Grace twirling to show off the full skirt. Pieced and appliqu├ęd […]
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Hitoe Jacket, Fitted Version

She likes a more tailored look, so could I remake this black and white ‘Hitoe’? She was asking about the one below, that Grace is modeling. A closer look, on my dress form, looking soft and relaxed. The custom version finished. Smaller, shorter, and more fitted. It’s amazing isn’t it? How the simplest of variations […]
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Tumbling Swing

A few weeks ago I was just finishing the panels for a swing coat. The next step, sew those pieces together, then, cut out the pattern pieces. The last step, sew those pieces into a coat. Done!
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Tumbling Swing Coat

Could I make this ‘Tumbling Skirt’ design into a swing coat? I said yes! I love the idea! All last week I was lost in a world of kimono silk bits, cutting, sewing, recutting and resewing into 16 panels. The pieced panels, now ready to be sewn into a coat. The scraps, an art piece […]
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Spring Forward

Outside everything is new and fresh! Flowers screaming for attention. Bees are at it. Birds are calling. It’s time for beginnings. And I am listening. New piles of fabrics on my tables. I have plans for each. And for combinations. Pattern on pattern. I am flying! A few are finished. Layers of ‘Hitoes’. It’s Spring, […]
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Tiny Bits Jacket

Ordered, ‘Tiny Bits’, a pieced kimono silk jacket. Last Monday, it was on my calendar, to sew a new by the end of the week. My plan, day one, finish my previous project. Next, start this new one and complete. By Friday. Easy. Does this happen to you? Other things? Interruptions? Life? Friday, 8pm and […]
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A Trench and Two Hitoes

Finished! The pieced trench I’ve been working on. Sewn from beautiful kimonos silks. And for under, a Hitoe. One of my unlined jackets, soft like a blouse. Under the trench. And a second Hitoe. To go over the other. And these two together, under the trench. Or the other the other way around, with the […]
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Hitoe Weather

It’s Spring! Warm and sunny one minute, then breezy and cool the next. It’s the perfect season for layering. Below, one on top of the other, my kimono silk, light weight jacket/blouses. I call them ‘Hitoe’, the Japanese word for an unlined kimono. Black over grey. Then, as the day warms up, one layer will […]
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