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Spring Forward

Light colors for Spring! A jacket pieced from various white and cream kimono silks. See the very pretty brocade, with the touches of silver and crimson? I’ve been saving the last pieces of this fabric for a special project. It turns out the special project was this jacket. It adds just enough color to remind […]
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New for ACC Baltimore 2017

My studio is buzzing! Lots going on as I prepare for the American Craft Council’s annual show in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland. Each week I focus on a different style and shape. Two weeks ago, it was unlined jackets and trench coats. In the last several days, it’s been jackets. Pieced, appliquéd or beaded, all made […]
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Cranes for the New Year

A jacket pieced from beautiful kimono silks, highlighted with cranes silhouetted against gold clouds. Symbols of good luck and eternal youth, cranes are the perfect theme for the beginning of 2017. Can you see them? Even closer for a better look. Beads along the seam lines between the pieced sections. I’m sending wishes of good […]
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Christmas Party at the White House!

At the White House, under the portrait of George Washington and standing right next to our First Lady, Michelle Obama, it’s Judy Fardig, volunteer extraordinaire and chapter leader of Organizing for America. She’s wearing the dress I made just for this occasion. Next to Michelle is Mary Sorteberg, wife of Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkely. At […]
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Some Good Stuff

Ava, my neighbor’s serious little dog, came to visit for an afternoon. She knows but isn’t saying. A giant box of beautiful kimono silks arrived. Gorgeous stuff! I can’t wait to get into these. My big project! Here, in mid process, it’s all but complete now. For the White House Christmas party [Yes!]. Too much […]
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In the Middle

It’s where I am right now. I’m past the beginning, but far from the end. I’m right in the middle. This is how it works for me. My project is chosen, I know what the end will be. I think about it, decide on the direction and then figure out how to get there. Finally, […]
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New for ACC Baltimore 2016

I fell in love with this pretty kimono silk, originally destined to be sewn into a kimono. Kimonos usually have the design at the hem, but I wanted the focus to be up, across the shoulders and down. Can you see the glass beads? I sewed them to highlight the little dots in the design. […]
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Beaded Vest

Looking beautiful! Linda Hutchins hosting a fundraiser for Performance Works NW wearing one of my beaded vests. Love it!
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Beading Project

Beading, it take a while. It’s one stitch, one bead, next stitch, next bead, next stitch, next bead. A close up of the one I’m working on now, with appliquéd strips and beads on an amazing sheer fabric from the reborn Josephine’s fabric store. For pizazz, these cool extra long bugle beads and for punch, […]
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New for Craft2Wear

Coming up! The Smithsonian Women’s Committee’s fabulous Craft2Wear show. This Thursday evening for the Advance Chance Party, then Friday and Saturday, October 2 and 3 for the show. I’ll be there! With new work, like the pieced jacket below. Silk from a very cool, vintage kimono. Taken apart, then reassembled, highlighting the pine tree designs. […]
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