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All lined up and ready to go. New jackets, coats, vests, blouses, skirts, they’re piling up! I can hear them, ‘Finish us already!’
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Appliqué for a New Vest

New work! Onto what will be a peplum of a vest, I spent last week first cutting and then appliquéing little circles of kimono silk and organza. The base is a dark, almost black, navy Japanese tsumugi [a tightly woven, slightly rough kimono silk]. Each circle is held in place with a bead. The rough […]
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Here’s an idea, go somewhere beautiful. Do not bring any work, even if it is work you love. Lie around, breathe, take naps, relax. When you’ve gathered enough energy, find your phone and take a picture of a rainbow. Then lie back down. After a few days, discover that if you get up early enough, […]
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Never In, Never Out

I started with clothing, sewing for myself and later, for extra money, making clothes for a local boutique. I was in art school and my ‘serious’ work was Art, things to hang on the wall. Clothes were something else, not my career. Then my friend Christina said, let’s trade! I’ll weave you a rug, you […]
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Desktop Inspiration

I have these pictures on my computer’s desktop. Photographs reminding me of something that I saw and couldn’t let myself forget. A picture that I thought, I must remember this. It’s too beautiful, too inspiring to let go. Images that I can look at again and again for ideas and new directions. For example, these […]
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New Series

Does this happen to you? You have a project due, and [grumble, grumble] you are absolutely not in the mood. But, there are no objections allowed. There is work to be done. So you focus, begin and before you know it, to your surprise, you find yourself lost in that beautiful place. It’s you and your […]
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Moon Jacket in Action

This is what is so wonderful about this work. I have my vision, sew it up, then send it to its new owner. And voila! It is reborn. My clothing arrives at its new home and is incorporated into a new life. The owner adds their personal touches, jewelry or a shibori blouse [perfect!]. And […]
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Steiner Cabin Tour

Starting in the 1920’s, on the slopes of Oregon’s Mt Hood, hundreds of vacation cabins were built. One of the most prolific builders was Henry Steiner. Today there are around 30 existing Steiner cabins. And once a year, if you are lucky, you can get tickets to tour of some of the cabins. Other than items […]
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New Each Time

It all started with this one. A jacket using the very last of a beautiful speckled kimono silk, creamy white with little sparkling spots woven in. I pieced it with other white silks into the jacket below. A customer liked it and asked for the same in a different size. She understood, that because I’d […]
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The Moon and the Sun

It was a coincidence that during the same week as the total eclipse, I was working on a ‘Moon’ swing coat. ‘Moon’ because of the white circles. White circles in kimono silks are spaces left blank so that a family crest can be added. I’ve been an astronomy nerd since forever, so there was no question […]
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