New for ACC Baltimore 2016

I fell in love with this pretty kimono silk, originally destined to be sewn into a kimono.
Kimonos usually have the design at the hem, but I wanted the focus to be up, across the shoulders and down.
Can you see the glass beads? I sewed them to highlight the little dots in the design.
I’m buried in kimono silk, new ideas flying, doing my best to finish it all before the 2016 ACC Baltimore Craft Show.
February 19 – 21, Booth # 104.
I can’t wait!

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Swings in Action

Spotted at the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Art Auction Preview.
Linda and Rosanne, looking fabulous in my kimono silk swing coats.

Each styled in their own unique way.
_Linda and Rosanne PNCA Alumni Art Auction

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Fragments, Skirt and Jacket

Last July I posted a photo of a new skirt and jacket in my Fragments series.
I’ve made a number of these pieced skirts, each always different from the next. This one was in black and white with tiny bits of red.
I thought I had made it for my next show, but what I had really done was make a new skirt and jacket for Margit.
The minute she tried it on she made it hers completely. She added a skinny red belt and came up with another look by pairing the skirt with her black blouse.
She looks fantastic!
Wow Margit!
A close up to show off the bits of red.

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Projects in Process

All those little squares that I started last week, finished!
And sewn together.
First, all squares sewn into horizontal bands.
Then those bands joined into the whole.
Next up? Sew it into a coat.
I have to tell you, this was so much fun.
Lots going on, but when I’m in my studio, it’s just me and these beautiful shapes.
Each one seems to appear out of nowhere. It’s magic!
And why stop there?
New colors for my next project, a long vest.
The piecing in progress with the pieced rectangles laid out as I finish each one.
All for the American Craft Show in Baltimore, February 19 – 21. Save the date!

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2016! Off and Running

2016 is off with a bang!
Projects! Several at once, these ideas have been simmering for a while.
At last I’m working on them. And it is fun!
Like the one below, pieced squares for a new coat.
Over 200 to make [!], but it is good, I am loving every second.

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Holiday Show and Wishes for 2016

Before our show opened, before the lights were on.
Everything was set up,..
In the other room, Lisa Gastelum’s jewelry and Elisabeth Gillem’s shibori,
We were ready.
Then we turned on the lights,
Opened the door and the guests arrived.
It was more than a craft show, it was a party!
People tried on the clothes and jewelry.
Nadine modeling a swing coat
And found that special thing.
Sharon in my Jet Remainders jacket,
Christina in my just finished beaded jacket.
And the scarves!
Scarves were tried on and modeled and found their way to new homes.
Blue and green
The red one! A perfect match.
Handsome guys
And pretty girls
Always a delight to see, the amazing Junko, wearing one of her beautiful kimonos paired with the perfect obi and haori.
Her obi from the back, in honor of the season, a Japanese folk tale, for the winter months.
We had a fantastic time! So much fun! It was an excellent way to begin the Holiday Season.
Thank you also to Carol Risley and her gorgeous leather bags and Rebecca Bashara and her amazing jewelry.
And to you all, every one of you,
For 2016, I send wishes for the happiest and most joyful year!

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Holiday Show 2015

Next Weekend! December 12 and 13.
My annual Holiday Show. Here in beautiful Portland Oregon.

Holiday card 15
Fantastic leather bags by Carol Risley,
Gorgeous jewelry by Rebecca Bashara and Lisa Gastlum
Beautiful Shibori by Elisabeth Gillem
And all my clothes, pieced, appliquéd and beaded.

Saturday, December 12 10am-6pm
Sunday, December 13 11am-5pm

4334 NE Davis St, Portland, Oregon

I’ll see you there!

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Layers and pattern on pattern, I love the look!
“Hitoes”, my unlined jackets/ blouses, are perfect for this.
Like these two, a black one over a grey.
Bl full on grey
The black alone, sewn from a woven stream design and a black and white silk for the collar.
The one under, a pretty grey with plum blossoms.
Or this version, the same black one, this time over another.
full bl on bl
The Hitoe underneath, with a very subtle, so very cool, wave-like design and a chrysanthemums weave for the collar.
bl on bl
Another version, with the subtle wave Hitoe over the grey.
bl on grey
Beautiful and gorgeous Japanese kimono silks, they go together!
These and more at the Holiday Show, here in Portland. December 12 and 13.
Can’t wait!

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Pause, one, two. And,… Finish

A bit of a pause for this one. I started in mid-September, then was distracted by the Smithsonian’s Craft2Wear show and after, some custom work.
And all that time, quietly lying in a neat pile, were the pieces for this skirt and jacket.
They were whispering, ‘Finish me. Finish me. Finish me.’
And now,
Just a hem and buttons to go.
Pieced from kimono silk, a skirt and jacket.
This one will be ready for The Holiday Show, here in Portland, December 12 and 13.
Save the date!

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Paris je t’aime

Paris, I’m thinking of you.

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