Garden Allure

Sunday is usually my day to add to my blog.
But look at this! From my breakfast window. This gorgeous rose, enticing me to come out.
And besides, I had spent Saturday at the Clackamas County Master Gardeners plant sale and came home with plants, plants, plants.
Like this oh so cute “Fairy Puff”, a round soft ball of an evergreen.
A few “Lime Marmelade” hucheras.
And this cool, fuzzy lavender, “Lemon Fizz”.
A pretty little ceanothus.
I seem to have a yellow/green thing going. I am loving that color!
And my peonies were close to opening and needed to be staked.
Not a day too soon. By this morning, in full form.
Whew! By the end of the day, all in the ground.
Spring! There is no resisting.

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Tiny Bits Jacket

Ordered, ‘Tiny Bits’, a pieced kimono silk jacket.
Last Monday, it was on my calendar, to sew a new by the end of the week.
My plan, day one, finish my previous project. Next, start this new one and complete.
By Friday.
Tiny Bits Jacket
Does this happen to you?
Other things? Interruptions? Life?
Friday, 8pm and I am here.
Stay tuned.

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A Trench and Two Hitoes

Finished! The pieced trench I’ve been working on.
Sewn from beautiful kimonos silks.
Sharon trench
And for under, a Hitoe. One of my unlined jackets, soft like a blouse.
Sharon Hitoe 1
Under the trench.
Sharon trench hitoe
And a second Hitoe.
Sharon Hitoe 2
To go over the other.
Sharon Hitoe 1 and 2
And these two together, under the trench.
Sahron Trench Hitoe 1 and 2
Or the other the other way around, with the darker Hitoe under, then the lighter and then the trench on top.
Sharon trench Hitoe 1 and 2 det
What a fun project this was!
It was the perfect way to indulge my passion for layers and patterns on pattern.

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Hitoe Weather

It’s Spring!
Warm and sunny one minute, then breezy and cool the next.
It’s the perfect season for layering.
Below, one on top of the other, my kimono silk, light weight jacket/blouses.
I call them ‘Hitoe’, the Japanese word for an unlined kimono.
Black over grey.
double hitoe
Then, as the day warms up, one layer will do.
A view of the grey, with pretty cherry blossoms.
single hitoe

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Jet Remainders Trench

This is why I love my customers.
Sharon came into my booth, took one look at this jacket, ‘Jet Remainders’ and asked for one like it, only in my longer, trench coat design.
Jet Remainders

How did she know I’d been wanting to do this? To piece a trench coat?
Thank You Sharon, for reading my mind!
Jet Remainders, Trench version, in progress.

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Happy Spring!

It’s spring and everything is exploding with new life!
Parrot Tulips, my favorite.
Magnolia trees, Wow, oh Wow.
Even my potted cactus,
[this is a first for me, I am jazzed!]
It’s the time for new beginnings.

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Mother of the Bride

There’s the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception, the brunch. What to wear? One outfit for all? Something different for each?
And what if you don’t, not ever, want one of those, well, you know, one of those dresses.
The beautiful Judy chose “Fragments”.
Judy MOB
Skirt and jacket sewn from pieced, Japanese kimono silk.

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A Classic Jacket Design

In honor of Coco’s most basic of jacket shapes, I call this design “Chanel”. Seemingly simple, it allows much room for versatility.
I can leave the sides straight and loose like a classic Chanel or pull them in for shape, as you see I’ve done for these pictures.
Depending on the fabric and my embellishment, each jacket can be completely different from the next.
Below, ‘Flight Path’, from a very cool kimono silk.
To pump it up a bit, I’ve appliquéd little orange squares across the front.
The same jacket shape, with a very different look. A pretty lavender floral with dramatic black leaves. The fabric was cut and pieced so the leaves drift down from the shoulders and leave brighter lighter colors around the face.
I call this striped blue jacket ‘Rugby’ because of the horizontal bars, like the stripes in a rugby jersey. I break them at the center front to bring the eye back to vertical. [we prefer vertical, yes?]
A last look at these three that made their way to new homes at the ACC Baltimore Craft Show.

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Kimono Silk Trench Coats

I brought trench coats to the Baltimore Craft Show, sewn from [what else?] beautiful, vintage Japanese silks.
The one below, from a deconstructed and rearranged, very cool, old kimono.
A design of cranes and pine trees, cherry blossoms and feathers.
The back.
These are each one of a kind. There is enough for one coat per kimono.
Meisen! The beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, Japanese version of ikat.
In a black and white cracked ice design with bits of scattered color.
Meisen, So Cool!
And this cutie, another beautiful Meisen silk, in a twirling, scribble design.
All off to happy new homes!

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Great Show! ACC Baltimore ’16

It’s always such a wonderful show!
I love to exhibit my work at the ACC Baltimore Craft Show.
With my good friend Elisabeth there to help,
we set up the booth, hung the clothes and waited for the doors to open.
balt booth 16
There was a great turn out!
Beautiful girls, trying on a swing coat,
balt pretty 16
Handsome guys,
he’s modeling his new kimono silk scarf.
Eric P balt 16
Ruth, in the ‘Hitoe’ she chose. She looks fabulous!
Ruth balt 16
Good friends came to visit.
Pretty Nina standing next to a very happy me.
Ann Nina balt 16
And the awesome Blue! Such a cutie. Gazing intently at his ‘mom’.
ACC Baltimore, it’s a 3 day party!
Blue blat 16
On our last day, we had time to walk down to the harbor.
Past the convention center.
Beautiful weather!
balt convention 16 jpg
Elisabeth points out the remains of the blizzard from the week before.
We were beyond happy to have missed the storm.
balt snow 16
And around the harbor, with a look back to the city.
See you next year Baltimore!
balt harbor 16

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