Pause, one, two. And,… Finish

A bit of a pause for this one. I started in mid-September, then was distracted by the Smithsonian’s Craft2Wear show and after, some custom work.
And all that time, quietly lying in a neat pile, were the pieces for this skirt and jacket.
They were whispering, ‘Finish me. Finish me. Finish me.’
And now,
Just a hem and buttons to go.
Pieced from kimono silk, a skirt and jacket.
This one will be ready for The Holiday Show, here in Portland, December 12 and 13.
Save the date!

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Paris je t’aime

Paris, I’m thinking of you.

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Seeing Nature

Yesterday I visited the Portland Art Museum’s exhibit Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterworks from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection .
It’s a great show and the paintings are beautiful and inspiring and interesting and I loved seeing them.
Then as I was looking at each picture, my focus slipped to the amazing frames on those old paintings.
I mean, these paintings were framed.
None of this skinny, almost invisible, silver edge stuff.
These frames were made to separate our world from the world depicted in the painting.
No cross over!
You are there and inside here is a French meadow or the Grand Canyon or Venice.
They are works of art in their own right.
Hand carved and gilded, it’s one painting, two artists.
So Cool!

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Beaded Vest

Looking beautiful!
Linda Hutchins hosting a fundraiser for Performance Works NW wearing one of my beaded vests.
Love it!Linda in beaded Vest

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Appliquéd Collar Dress

This one took a while. I started it over a year ago.
But we were in no hurry, so took our time with the time lag of cross country fitting.
Sharon’s dress, like the one in this wedding photo series, only instead of the black and white print, we used a cream kimono silk.
A close up of the collar, with the appliquéd strips coming off the edge, lace-like.
sharon's app collar dress

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Beading Project

Beading, it take a while.
It’s one stitch, one bead, next stitch, next bead, next stitch, next bead.
A close up of the one I’m working on now, with appliquéd strips and beads on an amazing sheer fabric from the reborn Josephine’s fabric store.
For pizazz, these cool extra long bugle beads and for punch, vintage nailheads.
jos fabric beaded
I just need to finish this piece, the right front.
Then onto the left, then the sides and the back.
Stay tuned.

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Craft2Wear 2015

What a show! The 2015 Craft2Wear show was great!
Fabulous artists [it was an honor to be included], wonderful organization [the Smithsonian Women’s Committee, you are the best], for a wonderful cause [the Smithsonian!] and in a fantastic space [the Building Museum, a huge wow.]
I set up, everything in place and ready,
Version 2
Then spent a moment taking pictures of the room.
It is beyond impressive.
Above, a five story atrium.
With huge columns lined up. Amazing.
After a moment of awe, I focus.
The show begins, the people come in and find treats to take home.
So many wonderful people, it’s always fun.
Then after a quick two days, it’s over.
We pack up and go.
The Building Museum is an empty space again, waiting for the next event.
On my last day there was enough time for a walk,
past the building museum,
To the mall where you could see the Capital covered in a lace like scaffolding.
So cool.
And the Smithsonian’s first ever building, The Castle,
Towards the Washington Monument in the distance.
A very good time at a very good show!
I send a huge thank you to everyone that made it happen.

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New for Craft2Wear

Coming up! The Smithsonian Women’s Committee’s fabulous Craft2Wear show.
This Thursday evening for the Advance Chance Party, then Friday and Saturday, October 2 and 3 for the show.
I’ll be there!
With new work, like the pieced jacket below.
Silk from a very cool, vintage kimono.
Taken apart, then reassembled, highlighting the pine tree designs.
And this beaded jacket, with victorian black jet beads sewn onto a sparkling kimono silk.
A detail to show the incredible beads.
Version 2
One other beaded jacket, the beads highlighting the cloud design.
And at the bottom, a field of grass.
IMG_4466 (1)
Washington DC, the beautiful Building Museum, October 2 and 3.
See you there!

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Piecing Project

New skirt!
My studio is filled with little pieces of kimono silk.
I’ve been sewing them together, cutting them apart, resewing, recutting and sewing again.
I love this stage. They’re lined up like boats in the water.
Cut apart and piled up into a heap.
IMG_4385 (1)
Adding black strips to every side.
Then joined, forming the gores of a skirt.
The first 3.
IMG_4400 (1)

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Instagram: annwilliamsondesigns

I’ve had an Instagram account for a while, following others, but until recently didn’t post any of my own pictures.
Until now!
I am on it. And it is up and running.
AW Instagram
If you have an instagram account you can follow me here.
Or start one up here.
Check it out!

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