Oregon ArtBeat Exhibition

ArtBeat Show
It’s the 15th year of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s ArtBeat television show. 15 years of Oregon artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, print, ceramic and a few clothing designers, like me! OPB is celebrating with an exhibition of the artists they’ve profiled. An amazing and impressive bounty of Oregon artist’s work filled 4 galleries on the top floor of Portland’s Pioneer Place Mall.
As we glided up the escalator to the top floor, I was delighted to see my dress “Tundra” front and center in the window of the Mark Wooley Gallery! Right next to one of Dayna Pinkham’s beautiful hats. Too cool!

ArtBeat Tundra
ArtBeat created a wonderful iphone and android app for the show with links to the artist’s websites and their ArtBeat story. Check it out here. My ArtBeat story by the fantastic  producer Jule Gilfillan, is here.
ArtBeat’s 15th Anniversary Exhibition: April 19 – June 14, 3rd Floor, Pioneer Place Mall.

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Grass and Dew

Grass and Dew 1
She asked, “Can this be made as a swing coat?”

I said, “Yes! Of course!”

grass and dew cropped "Grass and Dew". It's all about those skinny tubes of silk, they're the grass. And the beads, they're the dew.

strips stitched First, those tubes. Step one, cut bias strips. Cut enough for the full edge of a swing coat.
Then, sew into tubes and all the while, listen to the audio book ‘Wolf Hall’. The time whooshes by and I learn about Thomas Cromwell.

strips turnedThen turn them right side out. It takes a while, but not too long. A repetition, my mind drifts.
Next up, iron flat, pin in place and hand stitch. Add beads.
It’s one step at a time, each stitch, each strip, each bead and before I know it, it will be finished.

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tulips This is the way it happens, first daphne, then daffodils. Exploding cherry trees and magnolias and then my favorites, peonies. And in the midst of all that, those pretty girls that set off all of Holland back in the 17th century, tulips.
Maybe they're my favorites. So gorgeous!

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Pieced Kimono Silk Scarves

black and white scarves

Ready for their close up! 6 black and white kimono silk scarves.

I’m gearing up and getting ready to add a scarf page to my web site.

Step one: Beautiful, professional photographs. Check.
Step two: Work out the layout, I’m on it!
Step three: Get the web guy going. Not quite yet, I’m not finished with step two.

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Bye Bye

Gone, but not forgotten. These jackets came with me to the ACC Baltimore show and from there, off they flew.

feathers and wings

“Feathers and Wings”, pieced from an amazing kimono silk with flying cranes and pine tree branches.

feathers and wings side From the side. I love the energy in these old silks!

purple cranes Tina’s “Purple Cranes”, pieced so they fly up the jacket’s center front.

purple cranes side From the side, cranes on the sleeve.

umbrella trench “Umbrella Trench”. You know I love these Japanese designs! Piles of parasols.

silver trees “Silver Forest”, the prettiest kimono silk.

silver trees det With beads added, to sparkle like snow.

lagoon “Lagoon”, I was thinking of sunlight refracting in a pool.
Like hatchlings, they leave the nest and fly away. A good thing! It makes room for the next generation.

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Alpine Wedding

wedding 14 sm It’s my wedding pictures! 6 lovely ladies and 3 handsome men.
My idea; it’s a photographer’s studio but it’s also an outdoor wedding in an alpine meadow. The sun is out, the air is cool, cheeks rosy from the fresh mountain air, hair blown a bit from the breeze, it’s a beautiful day and everyone is happy.

wedding 14 1 sm And we were happy!
What a treat to see these delightful ladies in my designs.

wedding 14 3 sm Pretty girls all in a row. Terra, Sam and Ashley

wedding 14 7 Grace, Terra and Shannon.

wedding 14 and ann
Madeline on the left and the guys; Isaac, Zeke and Dan Portis-Cathers.
Just before we wrapped up, I jumped in for a final picture.
We had a fantastic time! And finished with such beautiful shots.
Thank you Dan, Kelly, Amy, Kendra, Elizabeth and all the fabulous models from Option!

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Better than a Tie

mardi gras scarf
Spotted at a Mardi Gras party last week.

Who is that a masked man wearing one of my scarves?

So cool!

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ACC Baltimore 2014

balt 14American Craft Council’s annual show in Baltimore, MD, I was there! Always a fantastic show. Lot’s of fun, lots of friends, old and new, fantastic artists and fabulous work. So much stimulation! I always love to go.
My booth, ready and set up on day 1.

balt 14 2Scarves hanging and waiting.

balt 14 5The doors opened and the aisles were full.
A beautiful woman in my Tundra skirt and jacket.

balt 14 3A new jacket for Tina, she looked fabulous in this one!

balt 14 4I was busy! Many pieces found new homes. The racks emptied.

balt 14 6Some came home for alterations: shorter or longer sleeves, take in or let out for a better fit. It’s part of the deal.

balt 14 1How about this tattoo! Someone else who loves sewing.

balt 14 7Whew! A fantastic trip and show, there is no better way to get the adrenaline going!
On my last day, in the hotel lobby, another artist on her way home with her sweet dog Jasper.
A bit camera shy.

balt 14 8After a moment, he sat still and posed for me.
You know I love dogs.

balt 14 9Dogs, and sock monkeys, I love them too.
On my flight home, in the seat pocket of the person next to me, Sock Monkey, also on his way home.
Thank you ACC and Baltimore for a fabulous show!

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Wedding Photo Shoot II

photo shoot 14My second ‘wedding’ photo shoot.
First, set up the camera and lights. Hang the gorgeous backdrop, an alpine meadow, painted by the amazing Kelly Saxton.

photo shoot 14 6Next, bring in the models, add just enough makeup so they look fresh and bright. Hair? I asked for braids. Amy Gillespie and Kendra braid Sam and Ashley’s hair.

photo shoot 14 3The bride, Terra, so pretty! All models from Option Model and Media.

photo shoot 14 2Adjust the lights until they look like they’re outside on a sunny day. Everyone needs the same amount, not too bright not too dark. Elisabeth, my second in command, oversees.

photo shoot 14 4Final touches, Isaac waits while Kendra paints Shannon’s lips. Behind, Amy fluffs Grace’s hair. Dan Portis-Cathers waits patiently.

photo shoot 7Dressed and ready. Terra, Sam, Madeline and Ashley.

photo shoot 14 9And Go!
Our groom, Zeke, is in place. Dan Kvitka starts shooting.
Today I pack, tomorrow I’m off to Baltimore for the ACC Craft Show.
I’ll be bringing these new designs and more; new jackets, coats and separates.
Next weekend, February 21, 22 and 23.
See you there!

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Photo Shoot

photo shoot 2014

New clothes for Baltimore!
I spent Sunday with photographer Dan Kvitka and the beautiful Madeline Powell.
Next week I’ll be on a plane heading to one of the biggest craft shows in the country: ACC Baltimore.
Can’t wait!

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