Meisen Trench Coats

For the 2015 ACC SF Craft Show, 2 new meisen trench coats.
You remember meisen?
They weave the fabric, print it with the design,
Unweave it. Then reweave it.
I know.
They Reweave It.
Meisen trench
So they can get that soft edge that happens when the threads do not align.
meisen trench 2 det
A very cool navy meisen silk.
meisen trench 1
A detail so you can see that beautiful fuzzy edge.
meisen trench det
These and all my jackets, coats, scarves, will be on view at the San Francisco ACC Craft Show, this Friday, July 31 and Saturday and Sunday August 1 and 2.
See you there!

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New Trench for ACC SF

I love the old black kimonos with bold, colorful designs across the hems.
They’re for married women. A little more discreet than an overall pattern.
When I find a good one, usable but no longer wearable. I’ll take it apart and remove any old or tattered bits.
Then the fun part, spending time with the usable pieces. Looking at the shapes and colors, finding the possibilities.
I’m never sure what I’ll end up with.
I lay them out and arrange and rearrange until I see new designs forming from the old.
An old kimono reborn.
A new trench coat for the ACC San Francisco Craft Show.

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New for San Francisco ACC Show

A new skirt and jacket for the American Craft Show in San Francisco.
Finished and ready for its close up!
The graphic shapes are formed as I cut, sew, recut and re-sew.
Like with a water color, the material is part of the design process.
And for a little punch, skinny red bits.
ACC in San Francisco, coming up! July 31, August 1 and 2 at Fort Mason.

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Happy Fourth!

It’s a neighborhood parade for the 4th of July!
Kids in wagons decorated with flags.
Stars and stripes,
And streamers.
Some hanging back,
Others are on it!
A baton twirling cheerleader!
The route was short, they came back around several times.
Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

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New Project

Laid out and ready to be sewn up. Black, white and tiny bits of red.
It’s piles of pieced sections soon to be joined together into a full skirt.
new project

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1st Day of Summer!

It’s here!
June 21st, the longest day of the year and
the first day of summer!

Windows open in my studio.
It’s been in the low 80’s, a cool breeze blowing through.

And dinners outside.
So nice.
outdoor dinner

And, I’ll work on this one, walks down lovely paths
path to beach

to sandy beaches.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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Swing in Action

It’s the beautiful and so very cool, glass artist Deborah Horrellat a concert at the Portland Art Museum.
In my/her gold swing coat!
Looking fabulous!

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New Trench Coats

They’re cut out and ready to be sewn together.
Four new trench coats.
Meisen, stenciled and woven, beautiful Japanese kimono silks.
I can’t wait to see you guys sewn up!
4 trench

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1,2,3 Begin

I’ve just finished with a long set of projects. Now, I turn and begin the next.
I know you know this place too.
You’ve been focusing in one, all consuming direction.
Then, you’re finished.
You look up, pivot, refocus and start again.
It’s a good place. It’s new and fresh and holds all the promises of what can be.

OK, so what exactly is that?
What’s inspiring?
I’ll start with my fabrics, kimono silks in particular, an excellent place to begin.
kimono silk store

And I’ll look to Sonia Delaunay, one of my favorite artists, who besides painting and design, included fashion in her repertoire.

And how about fashion designer Romeo Gigli? I love his work!
Beautiful, soft, romantic shapes and cuts.
And he loved fabric, you can see it.
gigli joyce
OK, so far,…
Kimono silk, Sonia Delaunay in the 1920’s and from the 1980’s, Romeo Gigli.

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Beaded Jacket for a Mother of the Groom

It’s the season for weddings!
A beaded jacket for a mother of the groom, finished!
And ready for the party.
beaded mom of groom

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