July 4, 2014

4th of July! A picnic by the forest.
7:4:14 4

Barbeque, hotdogs and chicken, grilled over an open fire. It’s a Schwenker. Really!

Plenty to eat.
7:4:14 2

And fireworks. But be careful. Protect your ears.
7:4:14 3

Stand Back, light and Wow!
7:4:14 6

Wow and double WOW! Happy Birthday USA!
7:4:14 7

July, the perfect time of the year for an outdoor, birthday barbeque.
7:4:14: 8

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Ashland and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Where I’ve been:
Beautiful Ashland, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
Nothing but plays, good food, friends, relaxing, more plays, sleeping in, more good food and naps.
ashland 2014

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Trip to Tulsa

Road trip! We met in Tulsa, Oklahomah.
Tulsa, city of the Philbrook Museum and its beautiful gardens.

tulsa philbrook
And the Woody Guthrie Center.
tulsa guthrie
The Buffeteria, The place for authentic, Oklahoma chicken fried steak.
tulsa buffeteria
And Crescent, a sweet kitty who sleeps in the middle of the stairs.
tulsa cat
On day 3 we drove to Bentonville, Arkansas, home of Walton’s 5 and 10, the first ever Walmart.
It is also the location of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, spearheaded and funded by Alice Walton, Sam Walton’s daughter and heiress.
tulsa crystal 2
The architect Moshe Safdie has designed stunning buildings that span and surround spring fed ponds.
tulsa cr b view
Inside, you feel as though you are standing under an upturned boat. Beautiful!
tulsa crystal bridges
And Ms Walton has filled the museum with American art.
From Peale’s George Washington.
tulsa g washington
To Thomas Hart Benton’s ‘Tobacco Sorters’.
tulsa cr bridges benton
Mark Rothko.
tulsa cr b rothkoAnd Nick Cave’s ‘Sound Suit’.
Crystal Bridges is the first major American art museum to open since 1974.
tulsa cr b cave

But that’s not all.
Outside there are paths through beautiful gardens.
tulsa cr b garden
Where we found ‘The Way of Color’ by James Turrell, a sculptor of light.
tulsa cr b turrell
You enter the small space through a narrow doorway.
tulsa cr b turrell door
And arrive in a circular space. The round oculus in the ceiling, open to the sky, makes light and shadow shapes on the walls.
Even better? See the moon? That little white spot in the bluest blue of the sky?
tulsa cr b turrell inside

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Jet Coat, Finished!

jet coat

A new coat, pieced from vintage Japanese kimono silks, cut, sewn, re-cut, re-sewn, tweaked and adjusted. And, finished!

jet coat back
I call this series ‘Jet’. It’s about speed, movement and energy.
Leaving earth and zooming into the stratosphere!

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New Coat

On the floor, slowly coming together, a new coat.

coat in process

This was my week: start with a sketch, lay out the fabrics, adjust one part, which changes the other, emphasize it? or go back, add a bit here? a new form appears, echo it? or take it out, add in more? too much? maybe a different color, tweak, stitch, recut, resew, adjust some more, fill in.
It’s the process, I love it. When I looked up, it was Friday.

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Web Site Update!

We just finished updating my web site.
New and improved!
With new photos.

2014 web update-

And a new page for pieced kimono silk scarves.

2014 web update 2-

And, so very new, a page for shopping, where you can buy my work.
My foray into the world of e-commerce. I’ll start with scarves.
So Exciting!

2014 web update 3-

Check it out!

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Mother’s Day

tudor moms 1

Everyday is Mother’s Day!

From the estate of Lord Chomondeley [pronounced 'Chumley'], painted in about 1600. From the Tate Museum. For more information, go here.

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City Goats

baby goats 9 In Portland, in a regular city neighborhood, in an average sized lot, in what you might think would be an ordinary backyard, is a miniature farm yard.
With chickens.

baby goats 5 And goats.
And it's spring, so there are baby goats.

baby goats 2 Baby goats!
Who get to go for supervised walks.

baby goats 8 And investigate the world.

baby goats 7 And see what's out there.

baby goats 3 Like potted plants.

baby goat 1 And cameras.

baby goats 4 Three weeks old.
Need cheering up? Here's my remedy, visit baby goats.

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Scarf Photos

scarf photoing 1 This weekend I’ve been photographing my scarves. There are quite a few, so it took a while.
I set up my room and borrowed a good camera. I have Dan Kvitka’s beautiful, professional pictures, but now I need shots of individual and available scarves.
This is my routine: first, choose a scarf, place it just so, adjust the camera, take the picture, flip the scarf, take a second picture. Another scarf, place, adjust, snap, flip, snap. The next, place, adjust, snap, flip, snap.
You know this secret and I was reminded as I worked, the the more times you do it the faster it goes.

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Oregon ArtBeat Exhibition

ArtBeat Show
It’s the 15th year of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s ArtBeat television show. 15 years of Oregon artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, print, ceramic and a few clothing designers, like me! OPB is celebrating with an exhibition of the artists they’ve profiled. An amazing and impressive bounty of Oregon artist’s work filled 4 galleries on the top floor of Portland’s Pioneer Place Mall.
As we glided up the escalator to the top floor, I was delighted to see my dress “Tundra” front and center in the window of the Mark Wooley Gallery! Right next to one of Dayna Pinkham’s beautiful hats. Too cool!

ArtBeat Tundra
ArtBeat created a wonderful iphone and android app for the show with links to the artist’s websites and their ArtBeat story. Check it out here. My ArtBeat story by the fantastic  producer Jule Gilfillan, is here.
ArtBeat’s 15th Anniversary Exhibition: April 19 – June 14, 3rd Floor, Pioneer Place Mall.

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