Holiday Show 2014!

Wow! What a wonderful show! It was a fabulous 2 day party, our 2014 Holiday Show, we had the best time!
We set up, opened the doors and in came friends, new and old.
My space, with all my clothes on display and ready for visitors.
Holiday show 14

Beautiful Emily in my coat “Avenue”
holiday show 14 emily

The amazing Junko, wearing one of her gorgeous kimonos.
Junko is a master at combining colors, designs and textures.
Holiday show 14 junko

Mary, wearing a coat I made her 25 years ago!
Still going strong. I love it!
Holiday show 14 mary cross

Jessica found the perfect thing for her day as a mother of the bride.
Elizabeth pins for alterations. So pretty!
Holiday Show Jessica Elizabeth

A new fashion idea? A scarf on top of a scarf. I like it!
Holiday show 14 scarves

On the second day, Junko came back! Wearing different kimonos and obi.
Is this cool or what?
Holiday show 14 junko, linda stephanie

And beautiful Sarah with sweet Riley.
Thank you everyone who came to our show!
We couldn’t have done it without you!Holiday show 14 Sara and Riley

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Craft2Wear and Winter Park Workshop

I’m just home from a whirlwind two week trip.
First, the fabulous, amazing and wonderful Craft2Wear show in Washington DC. Held at the gorgeous National Building Museum.
craft2wear 14
Built after the Civil War to house the headquarters of the US Pension Bureau, it has a frieze around the exterior commemorating the Union soldiers. So cool!
craft2 wear 14 2
The Smithsonian Women’s committee invited about 50 clothing and jewelry artists from previous Smithsonian Craft Shows to exhibit.
My Booth, ready for the opening night party.
carft2wear 14 3
Lots of people came, new friends and old, my jackets and scarves found new homes.
It was a wonderful show!
craft2weat 14 9
After, I had an extra day to visit the National Portrait Museum.
craft2wear 14 6
Full of paintings and sculptures of important and interesting people.
Like Thomas L. McKenney, Sequoyah, Andrew Jackson and John Jacob Aster.
craft2wear 14 5
And Pocahontas.
I love this painting.
craft2wear 14 pocahontas
And this guy, Isaac Singer.
craft2wear 14 singer
Who, in 1851, invented the most reliable and affordable sewing machine available.
900 stitches per minute!
The portrait museum is fantastic. I spent the entire day there.
crat2wear 14 sew machine
Then, good bye Washington,
craft2wear 14 7
Hello Florida!
cutting workshop 14
Where I taught a workshop hosted by the amazing Louise Cutting.
On the first day of class the students carried, pushed and wheeled in their sewing machines, surgers, ironing boards and supplies.
cutting workshop 14 7
Everyone set up, spread out and started sewing.
cutting workshop 14 10
The 2 days whizzed by. Projects were started, beautiful samples sewn, new friends made. Sewing friends!
cutting workshop 14 5
cutting workshop 14 6
Every piece was beautiful!
cutting worshop 14 4
At Louise’s, her kitties performed.
What could be more fascinating than a dripping water faucet?
Button, Bobbin and Stitch.
cutting workshop 14 9
Thank You Louise Cutting and the Smithsonian Women’s Committee for a fabulous 2 week extravaganza trip!
Next up? The Holiday Show, right here in beautiful Portland! November 15 an 16.
See you there!
cutting workshop 14 8

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Holiday Show 2014

It’s that time of year!
Our annual Holiday Show, right here in Portland, Oregon.
Holiday Show
I’ll have all my work out and on view.
Also, Elisabeth Gillem with her amazing shibori clothes.
2 fabulous jewelers, Carla Fox and Nicky Falkenhayn.
And Carol Risley will be showing her wonderful leather bags.

November 15 and 16.
Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
4334 NE Davis St

Come by! Bring your friends and family! We’ll have the best time.

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Cranes in Clouds

For the Smithsonian’s Craft2Wear show in Washington DC.
Next Weekend! October 25 and 26, in the National Building Museum.
A jacket pieced from a beautiful kimono silk with cranes flying across golden clouds.
Gold Cranes

Cranes, the symbol of good fortune and long life.
Gold Cranes Det
I’ll be there, with this jacket and many others.
If you are anywhere near DC, please stop by!

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Out and About with Nina

Nina just sent these amazing photos of her recent travels.
In each picture she is wearing an Ann Williamson original.
How cool is that!
Below, a picture of her on her way to see the Met Museum’s Charles James exhibit. I understand it was a fabulous show. Alas, I missed the exhibit [darn!], but my Grass and Dew Jacket was there!
Charles James exhibit
On her way to a wedding in my beaded Trees jacket.
So pretty!
Nina Trees jacket
And this one, in Japan! With Marico Chigyo, who was leading a textile tour of Japan.
Nina is wearing my Hitoe.
She looks radiant!
Here’s a beauty secret: travel to Japan.
Nina Dinner Kyoto
Thank You Nina for sending these photos, I love them!

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Week of Beads

I’ve been thinking holidays and sparkle. And beads.
From pretty, lady like, hardly there, invisible bits of light, to glassy and hard, punk band spikes.
The jacket below, an amazing kimono silk, covered with iridescent seed beads. A night sky filled with blue stars.
Beaded sky
This gorgeous, hand painted kimono silk. It looks like air.
I embroidered lines like the currents of a breeze and added bits of glitter with scattered beads.
Air jacket beaded
And at the other end of the spectrum. These big old monster beads, from a very old and tattered fringe. It must have decorated the edge of a victorian gown.
beaded points
They’re amazing! Don’t you think? Like spikes.
Soon to be the front of a jacket.
big beads

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Shibori Squares Jacket

A new jacket, pieced from black and white, kimono silk shibori fabrics.
A meisen check added for pizazz.
bl and wh shibori squares
This one is finished! Completely. Front, back, sides, inside and out.

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I bet this happens to you too. You have a project, you’ve done it before, it shouldn’t take too long. It’s simple. Right?
So you start and pretty soon you’re immersed and tweaking and adjusting and rearranging and shifting things around because maybe it would be a bit better if those lines converged, only just a little, not too much.
And before you know it it’s late and the whole day has gone by and you’re only half way there.
feathers II
The front [and so far, only the front] of a new jacket for the Smithsonian’s Craft2Wear.

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New Jacket

An old silk kimono with an amazing giant chrysanthemum design, taken apart, washed, cut into strips and reassembled into a new swirling design.
Soon to be the front of a new jacket.
purple bold For the Smithsonian's Craft2Wear show in October.

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New Pieced Skirt

This is where my head has been all last week, focused on little pieces of kimono silk. Cutting them up, and sewing them back together. New shapes and designs seemingly form on their own.
pieced skirt 1

Each panel, its own universe.
pieced skirt 2

Then more magic happens. I lay them out next to each other and new shapes appear. They spread out and grow into new forms.
pieced skirt 3 A new full skirt for the exhibit 'Living with Craft' at Philadelphia's Wayne Art Center. Running concurrent with their ‘Craft Forms 2014′ exhibit, December 5 – January 31st.

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