New for ACC Baltimore 2015

New jackets for ACC Baltimore 2015! Finished and ready for viewing.

You saw the one below in process a few weeks back.
Remember? It was pieced from left overs from earlier projects.
“Jet Remainders”
Jet remainders

The purple one below was pieced from 7 completely different fabrics and kimonos. Silks either hand-painted, shibori-dyed or stenciled. They go together so well! Like long lost family members.
“Purple Ume Dots”
Purple Ume Dots

A striped jacket made with the coolest kimono silk ever. It’s a weave with a sort of a pond design, each one surrounded by pink dots and scattered shibori spots. Cut and pieced with a wave design.
“Black Dot Stripes”
Black Dot Stripes

I was working on this one a few weeks ago. Now ready for Baltimore!
A piecing technique based on the old ‘log cabin’ quilting design.
“Polka Squares”
Polka Squares

Another very cool kimono silk. A hand painted wavy stripe, washed through with zigzag lines.
I’ve cut and pieced it with a beautiful polka dot silk.
“Grey Stripes”
Grey Stripes
These 5 and so many more, I’ll be bringing to the ACC Baltimore Craft Show.
Next weekend February 20-22.
See you there!

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Kimono Silk Scarf

Hey! Who is that handsome guy?
It’s the amazing Valerium! The oh so cool guy who cuts my hair.
Wearing his brand new Ann Williamson kimono silk scarf.
I’ll be bringing my scarves to the ACC Baltimore Craft Show, this February 20 -22. Except not this one, it’s taken.
I can’t wait!

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For ACC Baltimore 2015

They’re coming together.
Jackets for the ACC Baltimore Craft Show.
Only a few more weeks! February 20 – 22.
mist and shadow
A pretty pastel kimono silk, cut and pieced to highlight those cool black leaves.

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Polka Squares

The front of a new jacket.
A dot-y kind of a look, based on the old ‘log cabin’ quilt pattern.
quilty jacket

A closer view.
Polka squares!
quilty jacket det 2

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And,…. here we go!
New work for Baltimore.
That’s right, American Craft Council’s Baltimore show, this February, 20-22, 2015.
A jacket, in process, from remainder pieces.
New Jacket 2015

Remainder pieces left over from previous projects.
From this coat:
Shards 2012

And from this coat:
avenue single

It’s “Mottainai”, Japanese for “Waste Nothing”.
From the Buddhist term “Mottai”, which means that the essence of all things, living and nonliving, are linked. That nothing lives in isolation. “Nai” is a negation, so “Mottainai” translates as a disrespect and sadness when anything is wasted.
Which is so easy with my beautiful kimono silks, I cannot bear to throw even the smallest pieces away.

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What is Good

OK, 2015, here’s my resolution: focus on what is good. And there’s a lot. Plenty.
For instance, this most wonderful painting. Weird and beautiful and ordinary and extraordinary. An angel, walking, carrying a fish.
It’s the archangel Raphael, protector of travelers. The supreme healer in the angelic realm.
Painted in Peru sometime around 1700, in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
Archangel Raphael

Or how about the January sky? Cold, blue, through the bare trees.
january sky

A closer shot, it’s sunlight shinning through the bark of my paper bark maple trees.
paperbark maple

Citrus! All you can eat, so many varieties! So sweet.

A pinch pot, made by my friend Becky, sitting on my table, looking humble and perfect all at once.
pinch pot

This tiny, [2 3/4 inch] print of scissors. Beautiful. By Sonia Romero.
[ok, one other resolution, get this framed]
sonia romero scissors

One of my favorite websites, Not Ordinary Fashion. I get lost here.
notordinryfashion 1

Pod casts! Yes! I listen while I sew.
You’ve heard of Serial, yes? So good. Or how about Gimlet’s two [so far], Start Up and Reply All.
serial and gimlet 1

My kimono silks, pure inspiration. Absolutely gorgeous. Each one so beautiful.
I have more than enough, but cannot resist, they are my addiction.
kimono silk 2015

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Shortest Day

It’s the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.
It’s the end of long dark days and a return of light. From now until June our days will be longer.
Let’s celebrate!
light returns
Have the very Merriest of Holidays and the Happiest New Year!
2015 here we come!

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Wayne Art Center: Living with Craft

The Wayne Art Center just outside of Philadelphia is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their annual juried exhibit “Craft Forms” with a companion show entitled “Living with Craft”. Vignettes of rooms are filled with artist made furniture, lighting, floor coverings and decorative and functional objects. And a few mannequins, wearing my clothes!
Fragments III Wayne Art CenterAs though someone, dressed in my pieced suit “Fragments III”, was standing in her beautiful home, filled with artist made furniture, rugs, lights, glass and pottery. So cool!
The show will be up through January 31st, 2015.

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Huddling In

After weeks of getting ready for and doing several shows, preparing for and teaching a workshop and the traveling to get there and back, I was ready for a little down time.December Studio
Not that I’m complaining! It was all fun! And energizing! And stimulating!
But at a certain point, especially in the cold and damp months of winter, you just want to huddle in, sit quietly, turn on the radio, turn off the phone and sew.

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Kimono Silk Scarves

I’ve been saving some of my very best scarves for my on-line web shop.
Each scarf is pieced from my gorgeous kimono silks: hand painted, stenciled, shibori [that’s the amazing Japanese tie-dye], all different colors, textures and weaves.
To get there, click here or go to my website and click on ‘Shop‘.
Purple Ume


Red Slice
Red and White Slice

These 3 and more are up and on view now.
And I’ll be adding more in December. Check them out!

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