Hitoe Jacket, Fitted Version

She likes a more tailored look, so could I remake this black and white ‘Hitoe’?
She was asking about the one below, that Grace is modeling.
bl wh hitoes
A closer look, on my dress form, looking soft and relaxed.
The custom version finished. Smaller, shorter, and more fitted.
It’s amazing isn’t it?
How the simplest of variations can make a totally different look.

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Christmas Starts in August

She needs, for a very special Christmas party, a new skirt with a matching top.
We’ve chosen a design and the fabric. Next up, build the pattern.
Muslin shows every single problem, so it’s perfect for the first fitting.
Here it is, a little ghost of a dress. I’ll draft the pattern off of this.
Next, the fun part, make it!

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ACC SF 2016

American Craft Council San Fransisco 2016,
What a fabulous show!
On day 1, I was completely set up, all my new work in place and ready for viewing.
In Fort Mason, a building built on piers right over the San Fransisco Bay.
I love old places, you can feel the history.
I was close to my booth space from last year, with the most amazing view!
Looking over my clothing rack through the big windows to the Bay and hills.
And the Coit tower!
[can you tell I am a sucker for a beautiful view?]
I had a fantastic time! Old friends stopped by, always a treat to see them.
And all the new, wonderful people I met,
I love it when they step into in my booth to look at my work.
It’s a communication, I spoke and they heard.
And! And, on top of all that,
This view!
San Fransisco, it’s my magic place.
I can’t wait to come back.

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Photo Shoot!

What a fabulous day! With help from gorgeous model Grace Holland, photographer Dan Kvitka, hair and makeup artist Stephanie Fajardo and a helpful hand from the amazing Elizabeth Dye, my photo shoot was a roaring success! I am happy!
With so many fantastic people helping, it was a breeze.
Stephanie makes the final hair adjustments.
Elizabeth clips extra fabric.
Ann 389A5297
The secret to a good fit.  Many clips! [photo shoots only]
Dan checks the pictures.
My next job? Look through the 1,000 plus photos and choose the very best.
Then this Wednesday I’ll pack these and many others for the American Craft Council show in San Francisco.
Next weekend! August 5, 6 and 7.
See you there!

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Photo Shoot Preparations

Getting ready for a photo shoot is like gathering your busiest friends for a dinner out. You know what it’s like,
“I can only make it this Thursday.”
“I’m available any evening except Thursdays.”
“I’m out of town until next month, then I’m free on Tuesdays.”
But, after some juggling, we are set.
Photographer, model and stylist lined up and ready to go.
And the clothes, most at least, finished.
This skirt, blouse and coat, Ready!
An appliqued jacket, done.
Hitoes and trench coats ready for layering,
A pink and grey set.
And a black and white set.
And the beaded top for this pretty, fluffy skirt?
Well, ahem, not quite.

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Appliquéd Coat

A new coat, loose and oversized.
I’m using an amazing kimono silk that is perfect for a layer of my skinny appliquéd strips.
I can’t wait to see this one finished!

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Pi-Ume Sha

June 25th was the Pi-Ume Sha Treaty Days Pow Wow in Warm Springs, Oregon.
In 1855 a treaty was negotiated by the native peoples and the Oregon territorial government. It defined the area of the reservation and affirmed the right of the tribes to harvest fish, game and other foods outside the reservation boundaries. Through the years the Tribal Constitution, the Corporate Charter and the Declaration of Sovereignty were added.
The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs celebrate these documents with Pi-Ume Sha Days.
The dancing event, Wow oh Wow!
People were in the most amazing regalia.
Drum groups played and people danced.
The women, so beautiful. Gorgeous bead work, appliqué and rows of bells that jingled when they moved.
But, the men. These guys were amazing.
Nothing wishy washy. It was all the way.
They were into it!
From young boys,
[can anything be cuter?]
To older and, I will add, still rocking it!
You cannot get any better than this.
I am inspired!

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New Skirt

A new skirt! Pieced silk strips cut into triangle shaped panels and joined together.
I thought I was finished.
It needed, had to have, could not possibly go without, appliquéd squares.
So, OK, there is no arguing with a skirt that knows what it needs.
New skirt, pieced from Japanese kimono silks,
with added appliquéd squares.

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Tumbling Swing

A few weeks ago I was just finishing the panels for a swing coat.
The next step, sew those pieces together, then, cut out the pattern pieces.
The last step, sew those pieces into a coat.

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Finish, Turn, Begin

I love my work. I love to sit in my studio, radio on, surrounded by gorgeous silks, lost in my world, sewing pretty things.
It is the very best.
And I love to go to the shows and meet the people who come and look and ask questions.
And when they find a piece that speaks to them, as though I made it just for them? It’s a connection, I spoke and was heard. It’s what we all want, isn’t it? To be heard.
Coming home from a show with orders, it keeps me going!
This little top, for under a ‘Hitoe’, it’s my last order from the Baltimore show.
There is one thing that is at least as good as a pile of orders after a show.
It’s when I have finished the last one and I turn and begin again.
New work! The sky is the limit.
I can’t wait to start!
A close up of the gorgeous kimono silk for the top.

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